Thursday, 23 September 2010

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Hey guy's, If you didnt already know i own a main blog wich includes a live radio aswell as my newest YouTube video's and other cool stuff on it. You can visit that blog by clicking this link - iPieTV

College 23/09/10 11:55

This afternoon in college we wher asked to take some pictures aswell as a short video clip around the area to later edit for the project we are working on. Here is the image's and the short clip that I should be using later.


Today we used photoshop to make someone look ugly. Well like a zombie.. Didnt have much time so this is actualy a pathetic try lol. Used the magic wand selection tool to cut out the guy in the image and the burn and sponge tool's to play with the color of his skin and liquifying his face.

22/09/2010 College Summary

Ok so it appears i have to do a lot of blog post's in college about my work... Well today i learnt how to do stuff i already know how to do.. Such as embedding video's and uploading image's to a website. Feeling kinda dissapointed at the moment with this course as we havnt started to do anything that i dont already know so im not learning much at the moment. hopefully tomorow will be better since we are supposed to be looking at and testing all most the software that we will be using during this year doing the media course. So might be able to actualy edit something tomorow instead of just posting on a blog all the time about what we are doing. Getting a bit like Twitter just with longer post's :(

Yet another college blog.

Today in college we have been asked to find some image's of Zombies and Vampires for our project(Click here if you dont know what this is about.) As most of you guy's already know i was required to create this site for my course in college to make blog's about my college work so if you're not intrested in this type of post you dont need to read it ^_^ Ok so back to the work side of this blog. Below you should see some of the image's i chosen for inspiration for this project. The reason most my pictures are animated/sketched is because i prefer the look of them aswel as me being a fan of manga art.

Also we were asked to embed a video on our blog to do with either Zombie's or Vampire's.. Easy stuff i know >.< Maybe we will get to do something that isnt common sense soon :)

Thanks to Indy Mogul for the video. [Link]

Zombie College project #2

Today in college we had to sketch some idea's for the game such as pictures of weapons zombies or playable character's anything that could be used in the game. I did some quick sketches that are actualy pretty bad compared to what i am capable of doing but i just wanted to get it out of the way as soon as i could. Later in the day after the lunch break we wher asked to split into two groups and both groups wher given a camera to take photo's of the college to edit for the project. The first photo was a bit worrying as when i took it ther was a cleaner in the way and he raged and said he was going to kill me so i walked off and deleted it before he decided to follow me. Our group got some good pictures to work with as we found some realy dark stairs locked in a small room that lead to no wher but a dead end. Also one of the guy's in the group volunteered to lay down on the floor down one of the corridoors and act dead for a photo to work with.
Over all it was a good day and i think i am finaly settling into the college and becoming more comfortable being around a load of people i do not know.

Vampire Zombie College

Ideas for the Vampire Zombie College-
-How it all started -
It was dinner time at the college and the students wher walking around and enjoying ther food just like any other day there. But this was not like any other day in Middlesbrough. One of the near by power plants exploded sending flaming debree of the gigantic smoke chimneys flying into all directions. One large peice of debree smashed into a big cargo ship that was docking nearby the college smashing the side and the components inside the ship. Inside the cargo ship wher barrels of nuclear waste wating to be taken away to a safe place that had now exploded and spread all around the nearby area's infecting it's population and turning them into "Vampire Zombies". The survivors didnt last long with all the zombies around and wher soon bitten and infected also...apart from three students that stay hidden away in the college.

-What to include-

Too include both fast and slow Zombies, depending on the size/mobility of the Zombies determines how hard they can hit back. The slower less mobile Zombies may not be able to catch the player fast although due to ther size they have brutal strength and can deal great damage to the players character in the game. The faster Zombies have amazing speed and will have almost no trouble catching the players character to take a bite out of them, Although with them being fast and not as large as the other zombies they deal less damage to the player when they meet in the game aswell as taking damage a lot easier than the bigger slower zombies.
Items such as fire extinguishers, electric drills, cooking pans, wrenches, screw drivers and other things that could be found around the college to be used as a weapon to defend yourself/your character.
Items that could be used to creat things like chemicals, petrol and food to heal with.

-Playable Characters-
"Ned" - Science student at the college with a passion for making dangerous chemicals and mixes.
"Stats/Moves" - Extremely smart character to play as. Ned can create potions used for healing other team members or himself aswell as explosive potions wich can cause a great deal of damage to near by objects like walls or locked doors although they do not affect the Zombies much due to ther nuclear infection making them almost imune to any chemicals Ned can put together. Ned is a little over weight and can't move very fast - Definatly a multiplayer character.

"Susie" - Susie is what some people like to call the "Bimbo" of the college. Susie has bleach blonde hair and loves to show of allthough she isnt very smart and doesnt know what she is doing most of the time. Although Susie is a show off who loves to party she is also very religous and takes her religion very seriously.
"Stats/Moves" - Susie can move very fast although she has almost no physical strength when it comes to fighting. Susie can use her bible to pray for help from above. Her pray's can be used to heal other players aswell as temporarily blind the zombies with an immense light that shines out of the bible itself.

"Lee" - Lee is the college "pretty boy" who takes sport as if it was his religion.
"Stats/Moves" - Lee can move fast aswell as deal great damage in a fight although he is petrified of bug's, mice, rats or anything like them. This can be a problem as the college is now full of rats mice and spiders after everyone got infected by the nuclear spill. Lee freezes for about 6 seconds every time he see's one.