Thursday, 23 September 2010

Yet another college blog.

Today in college we have been asked to find some image's of Zombies and Vampires for our project(Click here if you dont know what this is about.) As most of you guy's already know i was required to create this site for my course in college to make blog's about my college work so if you're not intrested in this type of post you dont need to read it ^_^ Ok so back to the work side of this blog. Below you should see some of the image's i chosen for inspiration for this project. The reason most my pictures are animated/sketched is because i prefer the look of them aswel as me being a fan of manga art.

Also we were asked to embed a video on our blog to do with either Zombie's or Vampire's.. Easy stuff i know >.< Maybe we will get to do something that isnt common sense soon :)

Thanks to Indy Mogul for the video. [Link]

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