Thursday, 23 September 2010

Zombie College project #2

Today in college we had to sketch some idea's for the game such as pictures of weapons zombies or playable character's anything that could be used in the game. I did some quick sketches that are actualy pretty bad compared to what i am capable of doing but i just wanted to get it out of the way as soon as i could. Later in the day after the lunch break we wher asked to split into two groups and both groups wher given a camera to take photo's of the college to edit for the project. The first photo was a bit worrying as when i took it ther was a cleaner in the way and he raged and said he was going to kill me so i walked off and deleted it before he decided to follow me. Our group got some good pictures to work with as we found some realy dark stairs locked in a small room that lead to no wher but a dead end. Also one of the guy's in the group volunteered to lay down on the floor down one of the corridoors and act dead for a photo to work with.
Over all it was a good day and i think i am finaly settling into the college and becoming more comfortable being around a load of people i do not know.

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